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Everything you'll want to know from choosing a agency,  to why we are different and why choosing to work with us is the best start to growing your family...

Choosing the right Agency for you...

At The Donor Solution, we know that you have a wide variety of options when it comes to selecting whom you wish to work with for egg donation. However, all agencies are not created equal. At The Donor Solution, we work tirelessly to find egg donors that are well suited for our clients. With our 25+ year history in the field of egg donation, we strive to maintain the highest standards in the entire industry. We provide a comprehensive suite of financial options and categories of egg donors to match most Intended Parents’ needs in Third-Party Parenting.

  • Intensive personal interviews by our Donor Coordinator team who actually meet with donors and learn more about them and their personality, health and psychological history, review medical/genetic records and assess their suitability to become an egg donor in our program.
  • Pre-screenings of egg donors that may include AMh testing. These screenings are performed before potential egg donors are added to our database. We also do extensive background checks, transcript reviews, and in-person interviewing before adding anyone to our database of donors.
  • Our home office is in Houston but we recruit donors from across the entire US.
  • Complimentary access to our extensive database of donors with multi-page profiles and multiple photos and personality impressions done by our staff.
  • We offer consultations with Intended Parents both in our offices or on the phone or via Video Chat and can offer translation services for our overseas clients. This is always complimentary.

To find out more about The Donor Solution difference, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are dedicated to answering all of your questions about the egg donation process and helping guide you through each step.

Contact Us Today

"We just want to say a big thank you for all your assistance. Our last donor was great, we appreciate her patience and endurance throughout the cycle. Mary we couldn’t have done any of these without your help."

"I’m so glad that you’re still there and touching so many lives in such an amazing way! We can never ever thank you enough for your help and guidance through the donor process!"

"I can’t tell you the number of agencies I called initially (notice I said initially) and no one came near providing the expert advice, service, knowledge, compassion professionalism that you did from day one.!"

What Makes Us Different?

The Donor Solution is dedicated to our client’s well-being. Our team works hard to provide the best possible experience. We know struggling with fertility can be difficult. We are here to help make the process easier.

Here are a few things that make us different:

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Over 25 Years of Experience

in Third Party Parenting and Donor recruitment in both Infertility clinics, consulting and agency management.

Home Office and Satellites

Our home office is in Houston,Texas but our staff are located across the US and even Mexico.

Our Fees

Our fees are competitive and include background checks, AMh, records and transcripts reviews as well as escrow, legal, insurance and psych testing management.

FDA Screening and Lab Work

Able to manage  screening, lab work as well as  in-cycle monitoring with our partner clinics as needed for non-local cycles 

Our Donors Are Pre-Screened

Our egg donors have had extensive interviews, transcript and test score verification, medical records review if they have had previous egg donor cycles and background checks before being added to our database of egg donors.


Access to Online Donor Database

Complimentary access to online donor database, with easy access to full profiles, education, test results, prior donation as well as donor photographs and videos.

We offer Known, Identity Release and Anonymous Donors

Our donors can be Open/Known donation, Identity Release or Anonymous depending on the preference of both the donor and the Intended Parent. We assist with education and logistics to make for smooth donation cycles

Managed by Professionals

With 25 years experience in Fertility and 35 total years in health care, we are owned and managed by an RN/BSN/MS with extensive experience in woman's healthcare are as well as higher level management experience. We have an extensive referral network of physicians, attorneys, psychologists and insurance specialists that are leaders in the field.

Our Amazing Team

with over 45+ total years of professional experience helping families grow...

Mary Fusillo, RN, BSN, MS

Founder & C.E.O.

Mary M. Fusillo, RN, BSN, MS is the founder and CEO of Family Solutions International. Mary was introduced to the area of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility while facing her own challenge of having children.

As the Clinical Nursing Director of an Infertility clinic in Houston, she was instrumental in starting the Donor Egg program and recruiting their first donors. This program went from one donor in the Fall of 1999 to over 120 in 2004.

Moving to the greater Washington, D.C. area, Mary becomes the Clinical Infertility Nursing Director at one of the oldest and most prestigious infertility clinics in the United States. With over 200 cycles of donor egg per year, managing donors and recipients while introducing new recruitment methods was a challenge.

Recruited by one of the largest Pharmacy Benefit Management companies to run their Donor Egg pharmacy program, she traveled all over the country, consulting large and small clinics on issues that affect egg donation nationwide. She is a member of the Nurses Professional Group of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, a former National Board Member of RESOLVE, Inc., as well as a member of ASRM and ESHRE. Her volunteer work in the field of infertility led her to found “Donor Moms, a network of support for mothers via egg donation”.

In 2007 Mary started The Donor Solution. On August 14, 2007, the website went live and she started recruiting donors, and the company had its first match in October 2007. She started with only 19 donors but a short time later she had recruited 100's of screened donors to meet a burgeoning need for alternatives to the small donor pools found in IVF clinics. 

After feeling like The Donor Solution was doing well, Mary launched 3 Sisters Surrogacy in 2012, because she saw a need for people who needed both donor egg and surrogacy. Since 2012, 30-40% of 3 Sisters Surrogacy’s journeys are with people who used our egg donor. In 2018, Mary put The Donor Solution and 3 Sisters Surrogacy under the Family Solutions International umbrella as a bridge to the domestic and international community. In 2020, she started The Fertility Consultants with the mission to assist intended parents in navigating the challenges of 3rd Party reproduction and finally merged all the companies together under the FSI umbrella.

In the fall of 2019, Mary started a Ph.D. program in bioethics, over her 25+ years of infertility and 35 years in healthcare, she was constantly confronted with moral and ethical issues. Even now, a single embryo transfer is fraught with issues of people wanting twins. She decided to get her Ph.D. in bioethics because she wanted to understand the ethical aspects of this biological field deeper, and felt there needed to be an ethicist who had a very deep background in infertility.

As a business owner, scholar, and the mother of adult twins, and the wife to a busy executive in the energy industry, Mary realizes how important your time is and how difficult this journey may be. Family Solutions International is here to help you find a solution to your family building needs.

Julia French

Chief Operating Officer

Julia manages operations at Family Solutions International. She manages all donor activities for The Donor Solution as well as travel and monitoring coordination for 3 Sisters Surrogacy. With a Psychology and Business degree from Lake Forest College, Julia has worked in customer relations and values a personal touch. She came to us from Los Angeles where she was working in the film industry until she decided she wanted something more fulfilling.

She found her niche at Family Solutions International and hasn't looked back. Using her organizational skills and client-focused approach, she's been expertly managing the day-to-day operations for all our companies for over 10 years now. From the first application to setting appointments, organizing the cycle, and arranging complex travel arrangements, Julia manages to keep everything and everyone running smoothly.



Carrie Floyd

Senior Case Manager

Carrie Floyd helps manage our surrogates and egg donors, mostly doing surrogacy case management, but jumping into donor cases as needed. She attended the University of Alabama where she studied psychology before taking time to raise her children before returning to the workforce. 

Carrie brings to our team a strong organizational skills background as well as problem-solving finesse and excellent communication skills. She is responsible for the management of our gestational carrier cycles from intake to birth and keeps the cycles running smoothly on both the egg donor and surrogacy side.


Sandy Zapata

Executive Administrative Assistant

Sandy helps manage the administrative side of the Family Solutions International companies.

She works with nearly every aspect of the company and helps keep things running smoothly.

With a background in healthcare, Sandy brings her expertise in patient-management, health insurance, and overall organization to help things run smoothly. Managing our phone lines, she is likely to be the first point of contact many have and bring a compassionate and personal touch to her work.

Kim Monroe

Fertility Consultant and Intake Coordinator

Kim is a semi-retired fertility consultant living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. With over 20 years of experience in the fertility industry in roles such as VP of Strategic Partnerships and VP of Business Development she loves keeping her toes in the field and has known the CEO of Family Solutions International for 15+ years.

Her educational background includes a degree in Medical Technology and Business Management from Webster University and an internship at Washington University School of Medicine.

When Kim moved to San Miguel de Allende, she introduced Mary to this beautiful area and FSI’s team meeting in 2022 took place in Mexico! Kim joined us in December of 2021 as a part-time Intake Coordinator for an egg donor and gestational surrogacy applicants. Between exploring her beautiful new environs in Mexico and keeping FCI’s applicants moving forward in their journeys, all her boxes are checked and ours are too!