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The Donor Solution is a leading international egg donor agency.
We’ve helped thousands of Intended Parents around the world achieve their dreams of parenthood since 2007.

Owned and operated by a fertility professional, our case managers assist our intended parents in egg donor selection, in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle scheduling, travel assistance, and much more for a seamless experience.

Although our headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, we match egg donors to couples and individuals around the world - in the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, and China. We work with physicians that speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi and more.
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Thank you for your interest in our egg donor program. We believe that the journey through egg donation involves much more than merely the donation of eggs.

It involves dedication to the process, a sacrifice of time and most importantly, a willingness to assist a couple with their dream of creating their own family.

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If you are considering egg donation, then you are wondering about the steps involved in the process.

At The Donor Solution, we are here to guide you through each aspect of  searching through the egg donor database, choosing an egg donor, what you can expect as you move forward. With over 17 years of experience we've helped thousands of people start a family.

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Egg donation is used in conjunction with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques to help establish successful pregnancies.

In this eBook, we explore this process in more detail, as well as:

  • Why people use egg donors
  • How to find the right egg donor
  • Deciding which qualities are most important to you in an egg donor
  • Common myths and misconceptions about egg donors
  • Different types of assisted reproductive technology
  • The benefits of using an egg donor agency
  • How the egg donation/IVF process works for intended parents
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Couples who consider egg donation and surrogacy have two main options - fresh donor eggs or frozen donor eggs. Frozen eggs have a lower live-birth success rate (36.5% compared to 50% or higher using fresh eggs), and agencies offering the opportunities to use fresh donor eggs can promise other benefits as well.

Agencies that provide eggs fresh from a donor often have larger, more diverse donor selection pools.

What Is the Right Choice for You?

If you only plan on raising one child and have cost restraints, you may want to consider using frozen eggs. Fresh eggs are recommended for people who want multiple children, to continue expanding their family, or desire a higher chance of pregnancy. They also enable same-sex couples to have a genetic link with their offspring.

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Egg donors play a key role in helping build families. Yet, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding egg donation and what motivates women to donate their eggs.

This eBook aims to dispel these myths and misconceptions; it uncovers:

  • What in-vitro fertilization is
  • How the egg donation process works
  • Why people turn to egg donors
  • Assisted reproductive technology success rates in the U.S.
  • Myths and misconceptions surrounding egg donation
  • How egg donors change lives
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